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Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Yields1 Serving

This simple recipe is always a hit at parties and usually results in at least one person getting sick from eating too many too fast!

 Large Raw Shrimp1 Pound typically has around 15 shrimp
 1 White Onion
 Toothpicks (wood color)
 3 Jalapenos
 Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
 Bacon (thick)1 Pound is safe.

Make sure the shrimp peels have been removed and deveined.


Cut the onion and jalapenos into 1/2" x 1/2" pieces


Cut the bacon in half.


Using a toothpick (don't use colored toothpicks, the heat will cause the color to bleed onto the food):
- Grab a shrimp and push the toothpick through
- On the other side, push the onion and jalapeno through
- Now stick the end of the piece of bacon
- Wrap the bacon all the way around the shrimp (stretch the bacon if necessary)
- Then stick the other side of the bacon through the toothpick ensuring everything is secure

Repeat until all the shrimp are wrapped.


Sprinkle Tony Chachere's seasoning on the wrapped shrimp.


Heat the grill to 300 - 350 degrees.


Place the wrapped shrimp on the grill


Grill 5 - 6 minutes and flip them over. You should only flip them once.


Once the bacon is cooked on the outside, these are done.

Serve and enjoy!