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Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time50 minsTotal Time1 hr 5 mins

Most people either like pumpkin pie or they don’t. I’ve seen this recipe convert the non-pumpkin pie lovers!

 1.50 cups Fresh Pumpkin (boiled down)Alternative: If you don't have fresh pumpkin, used canned pumpkin
 ¾ cup Sugar
 ½ tsp Salt
 1.50 tsp Cinnamon
 ½ tsp Nutmeg
 ¾ tsp Ground Ginger
 ½ tsp Ground Cloves
 3 Eggs
 1.25 cups Milk
 6 oz Evaporated Milk
 Pastry Shell
 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

This recipe should be enough to make 2 pies, but if you want more just double the ingredients.


If you have a real pumpkin, take the meat of the pumpkin and boil it for 25 minutes. Mash the boiled pumpkin down in 1.5 cups - alternative is canned pumpkin, but it won't have the authentic flavor of real pumpkin!

Most people haven't had a pumpkin pie with fresh real pumpkin and this really is a game channger.


In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients with a blender.


The mixture should look like this - it's not too thick at this point, so don't worry.


Pour the mixture into the pie pan.


Heat your oven or ceramic cooker to 400 degrees.

If you do have a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, set it up with the baking configuration (feet down on the place setter) and get the grill to 400 degrees.


Put the pies in the oven or ceramic cooker.

Cook for 50 minutes.


After 50 minutes, take knife or toothpick and stick it in the pie.

If the knife or toothpick come out clean, the pies are done.

If the knife or toothpick pick up pie, cook for another 5 minutes and repeat until the test comes out clean with no pie on the knife or toothpick.


Let cool for 20 minutes and enjoy!