Beef Recipes

Grilled Steak RecipeBy adminYou pay all that money for a good steak, so the recipe should be simple and enjoy the natural flavor of the prime meat you paid for - this simple recipe does just that.
Infused Grilled Hamburger RecipeBy adminThis hamburger recipe is simple, yet unique. By chopping up some vegetables and the right seasoning, these burgers will turn out juicy and packed with flavor.
Beef Fajita RecipeBy adminIf you have ever had Lupe Tortilla's beef fajitas down in Texas, you know they are some of the best you have ever tasted. This recipe is based off the Lupe Tortilla Beef Fajita Recipe!
Smoked Pastrami RecipeBy adminIf you want to cooks something unique and outstanding, spend the time to do this recipe – I promise it will be a huge hit!
Flaming Rooster Bold Brisket RubBy adminThe famous Flaming Rooster Bold Brisket rub will give your brisket a well balanced flavor, leaving your mouth with a subtle spice kick at the end of every bite.
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